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  •  Cheaper insurance
  •  Low financial standing
  •  No TC hassle

Operators Licence from Bulgaria

Why Bulgaria?

Third party liability insurance
United Kingdom




Financial standing requirement per annum
United Kingdom





I used to have 7 trucks registerred in UK. When I moved them under Bulgarian Operators licence, I saved £17,500/year automatically! Moreover, the insurance cost doesn't depend on driver's age or road accidents history. Robert, Peterborough

In UK I had to keep in company accounts £25,000, covering the financial stability for my 5 trucks. In Bulgaria it costs me only £500/year! I have my £25,000 cash released to invest in expanding my business. Kevin, Sheffield

More benefits from the Bulgarian haulage licence

  • Hire Eastern European drivers without big social insurance burden.
  • Corporation tax in Bulgaria is 10% flat.
  • Low cost accounting and administration services.
  • Less hassle from road transport regulator.