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Advisory for haulage companies

Stay up-to-date with the regulations

UK haulage regulations for EU companies

As of 1st January 2020 UK regulations, concerning professional drivers and haulage companies have changed. In addition to keeping the same high standards in the transport industry, UK authorities have introduced further requirements for EU haulers, such as the Kent Permit Scheme. Make sure your company has the most recent information about UK haulage requirements. We'll ensure you'll never miss a form.

EU haulage regulations for UK companies

Despite the fact that UK haulage companies have been compliant with the EU regulations by now, Brexit might change this. UK government confirmed that they will keep the same high standards in the industry, but any further changes to the EU road transport legislation will not be enforced in UK. This might crate problem for the UK transport companies, since they will need to follow EU regulations changes. MH Think is here to help. We follow closely changes to Regulation 561/2006 (driving hours and rests) and Regulation 1072/2009 (access to the road transport market). We also follow closely local EU member states regulations such as cabotage rules, minimum driver wage payments etc.


I have 7 trucks, delivering frozen goods to Belgium. After 31st Dec 2020 there was a significant increase in the Red Tape at the borders, but MH Think provided very good backup advice for us. Robert Jonhson, Peterborough

I'm director of a haulage company which makes weekly deliveries to the UK. MH Think is a valuable partner for us in providing post Brexit updates for the industry. Ivan Dimitrov, Bulgaria